About Us

Avery Hill Publishing is an independent publishing house that was set up in South London in the long dark winter of 2012. We are currently promoting use of the word ‘micropublisher’ to describe ourselves, as it sounds boutique-y and glamorous. Once you meet us in person you will quickly become aware of just how far that stretches the truth.

We publish comics, zines, fine art and anything else that grabs our fancy under our two labels, AHArts and AHComics.  We sit in the hinterland between self-publishing and ‘the majors’ and aim to help creators across it by being an early step into the publishing world.

We also have three ongoing house publications:

‘Tiny Dancing’ – a miscellany of nonsense and genius.

‘Reads’ – a comics anthology featuring some of the best talent from the UK small press comics scene.

‘Fronts’ – an arts showcase that focuses on an artist whose work we admire, featuring images and an interview with the creator regarding their process.

Our canon includes psychogeographical mappings, drunk 19th century scientists, time-travelling beagles, minimalist musings, kids running amok in dance tents, and much more.