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A Quiet Disaster by Alex Potts


A Quiet Disaster by Alex Potts

239x168mm, 32 colour matte pages, £5.00

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Philip was getting old.  His face was getting wrinkled, his hairline was moving backwards and he was on the waiting list for a knee operation.  It was his day off and he didn’t have any plans, so he ate his breakfast in front of the computer screen and asked himself “What do I want to do?”

A grand existential crisis, a surreal Bulgakovian satire, or simply A Quiet Disaster?   We follow Philip on his day off work as he struggles to find meaning and happiness through the everyday decisions that make up a day.  Why did he cross that street?  Does he keep walking, or shelter from the rain?  What will make him happy?  And just why is that dog wearing glasses?


Alex has been working in the animation business in London since the year 2000. He does traditional 2D animation, Flash, storyboards and illustration. He has collected some of his comic strips in self-published titles ‘Hand’, ‘Me, Talking to Myself About Myself, As Usual’ and ‘Lost Shoe Comics 1-4’.  He is also a frequent contributor to The Comix Reader, including being the artist of the cover to Issue #5.


‘A Quiet Disaster’ by Alex Potts is on sale now from the Avery Hill shop and all good comic shops.



“It’s somewhat absurdist, existentialist even, Potts taking a step back from reality to dissect a day in the life and observe so well just how we can find the smallest, most insignificant things absolutely disastrous. The biggest thing Potts has done so far and by far the best.”

Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International

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