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36 pages in US comic format, full colour

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Reads Volume 2 #2. 4 stories, in 4 parts over 4 issues. Now in full colour!


Tim Bird, Luke J. Halsall, Ricky Miller, EdieOP and Owen D. Pomery

Cover by Eleni Kalorkoti

To kick things off we have Owen D. Pomery’s return to the characters from his hit comic, ‘The Megatherium Club’. ‘Bear With Me’ is the second in a series of standalone adventures pitting the club against the same “villain”, a rival scientist who looks like he might just beat our “heroes” at their own game.

In our second strip, Luke J. Halsall and Tim Bird’s ‘The Bullpen’ continues. A story set in the offices of a comic book publishing company at the [...]

Metroland #2 by Ricky Miller, Julia Scheele & Rebecca Strickson


What happens when rock stars just won’t die..?

In the second issue of their acclaimed limited series Metroland, Ricky Miller and Julia Scheele (I Don’t Like My Hair Neat, Double Dare Ya) continue the story of South London indie band Electric Dreams, this time focusing on multi-instrumentalist and all-round star, Kathy.

As Stardust continues to fall apart and Jessica Hill remains missing, Kathy hangs out with The Five Years Cult and dreams of the end of the world.

Then, on the b-side, Miller is joined by Rebecca Strickson, as they delve into the past and tell of how Jessica Hill joined the band!

Manly Boys & Comely Girls by Gareth Brookes & Steve Tillotson



Manly Boys and Comely Girls, the acclaimed guides to modern existence by Gareth Brookes (The Black Project, The Land of My Heart Chokes on Its Own Abundance) and Steve Tillotson (Banal Pig, Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure), are now available to buy!

First self-published by the creators back in 2009, Manly Boys is a pastiche of boys’ comics from the dim and distant past, when all an English boy had to care about was playing cricket with his chums, and getting one up on Johnny Foreigner whenever possible.

It features advice on matters such as why ‘Self-Touching is Bad’ and ‘How to Tattoo Yourself’, as well as everything else a young boy needs to know. Although please don’t show it to any actual young boys.

The long awaited companion to Manly Boys, Comely Girls is the essential guide on how to be a lady, written by two [...]