A is For Amos by Daria Hlazatova

Daria Cover

Avery Hill are delighted to announce the release of A is for Amos, an illustrated musical A to Z by internationally renowned artist Daria Hlazatova, on Record Store Day, 18th April 2015.

Taking its inspiration from childhood A to Z books, A is for Amos features subjects from the world of music, all hand-picked by Daria, and re-created in her astonishingly detailed and fantastic style across twenty-six original illustrations. Bowie sits alongside Tchaikovsky. Zappa with Florence. Kate Bush with Underworld.

A is for Amos is printed in full colour, 7″ perfect bound format across 60 beautiful pages, and is essential for music fans and art lovers alike.

New Titles for 2015 – Part One

New Titles 2015

Avery Hill are delighted to announce four new publications that we have coming out in 2015.

We’ll be spotlighting each of these titles over the coming week.



The Rabbit

By Rachael Smith

146 pages, full colour.

Release date: 28th August 2015

Eleanor and her younger sister Kathy have run away from school, from home and from all of their troubles. They may also be running from reality itself, as they seem to have acquired a new friend in the form of a talking cartoon bunny rabbit called Craig. As Craig grows bigger and bigger, the girls soon discover exactly what kind of creature has joined them on their adventure. Running away is not as easy as it seems.

Rachael Smith’s follow up to the acclaimed House Party is a surreal and affecting coming-of-age tale that captures the wonder [...]

AHP Books Go Digital Through SEQUENTIAL


SEQUENTIAL App on the App Store

Avery Hill Page on SEQUENTIAL

SEQUENTIAL and Avery Hill Publishing are pleased to announce the launch of a number of Avery Hill comics and graphic novels as digital editions, exclusively available via SEQUENTIAL.

SEQUENTIAL was created to be a curated digital graphic novel and comics app for iPad featuring intelligent, entertaining, life-enhancing storytelling at its best – and to provide the best browse, buy and read experience on the planet.

“We’re really delighted to welcome Avery Hill to SEQUENTIAL. Their eclectic, engrossing, lovingly-produced titles represent some of the very best of the UK small press scene and we’re thrilled to be able to present their books in exciting new digital versions.”

Chloë Pursey

Editorial Director, SEQUENTIAL


“We know SEQUENTIAL are [...]