New Titles For The First Half of 2016!

Avery Hill are proud to announce the first half of our 2016 publishing schedule!

Firstly, a new addition to our AHArts collection:

Internal Wilderness by Claire Scully

South London illustrator Claire Scully’s first book takes us on a journey through an internal narrative – an evocative nighttime exploration of an imaginary world with the only observer being the brilliant full moon. Claire Scully is known for her nature-based illustrations which suggest folklore and myth; here she creates bold, graphic landscapes which encompass mountains, rivers, villages, woods and immense starry skies.

Then from AHComics:

Artificial Flowers by Rachael Smith

Smith’s follow-up to the coming of age fantasy, The Rabbit, is the story of a young woman living in London, trying to start her career as an artist […]

Tim Bird’s Grey Area Wins Best Comic at the British Comic Awards!!!


We’re massively proud of Tim for his achievement in winning Best Comic of 2015 at the British Comic Awards for Grey Area: From the City to the Sea.

Tim was the first person to ever approach us about contributing to our anthology, Tiny Dancing, back when we had just started out, and Grey Area 1 was the first book we ever published that was entirely by a single creator.

The journey that took our creative relationship with Tim from there to here, in just a few years, is one of the things we’re proudest of in our history to date.

Congratulations Tim!

We’ll now hand over to the man himself as we print his acceptance speech in its entirety.

Firstly – thanks to you Adam and all the team at the British Comic Awards. […]

Buttertubs by Donya Todd

Buttertubs Cover RGB

Buttertubs is a dog who always wants to save the dudes and damsels in distress, but who always mucks it up on account of his inability to stop sweating butter.

Running becomes flailing and crashing, everything he touches becomes greasy and strangely flammable, and even simple tasks become fraught with slippery danger.

His nemesis, The Hotdog Queen, needs to watch her back, his friend Hester is always trying to stop his foolish escapades, and there are many, many damsels in distress.

All in a day’s work for Buttertubs!

44 pages, with full colour covers, from British Comics Award nominated and internationally renowned creator, Donya Todd!