AHPodcast Christmas 2013 Edition

It’s time again for the now legendary Avery Hill Christmas Podcast! Truly we are all blessed. What’s more, we’ve got two special guests in the form of Tim “Grey Area” Bird and Owen “The Megatherium Club” Pomery!

Those fine gentlemen help us review what’s been a bumper year at Avery Hill Towers (not a real place), featuring ten publications, parties and more events than you can swing a cat with an unusually long tail at.

We then move on to each choose our picks of the year from “The Scene”, featuring work from Eleni Kalorkoti, Structo Magazine, Oliver East, Decadence Comics and Gareth Brookes.

Then, like three wise men, a donkey and the baby Jesus, we look to the stars and farrrrrrrrrrrr into the future at the magical land of 2014 and attempt to predict what we’ll be reading […]

AHPodcast Spring 2013 Edition

Come join us for another chat around the proverbial campfire. In this episode we bring you the cutting edge of hot, cool and sexy small-press news, views and hastily edited out libel. We PLUG Close-up Masterchef 2, Reads 3 and Grey Area 2! We SPILL THE BEANS on what really goes on at the Sheffield Zine Fest, DIY Cultures and Comica Comiket, including the tale of “Table 8” (and believe me, it’s not for the faint-hearted)! We REVEAL the winner of the competition to be “Sexiest Man in Sidcup”! There’s also a lot of stuff about Iggy Pop for some reason.

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– Ricky

Avery Hill Publishing Christmas 2012 Podcast

Turn your festivey Christmas spirit up to eleven and beyond with the new Avery Hill Publishing Christmas 2012 Podcast! Join your favourite three publishers Dave, Michael and Ricky as they bring more jingly, yuletidey, non-denominational joy to your winterville festival than Dickens riding a red-nosed reindeer around the set of the video to Wham’s Last Christmas whilst Mariah cheers on from the sidelines in THAT red outfit. Yes, you know the one I mean.

Herein you shall find our three not very wise men musing on the past! Thoughts turning to the bleak future! Unwanted gifts! Marc Bolan’s ghost! Men too drunk to remember they need to give the podcast an ending leading to me spending hours editing it trying to work out how to fit it all together! The C-Bomb (and no, that doesn’t stand for Christmas)!


You’re going to listen to this and you don’t […]