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Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure – The Advert

For the past ten years Pixar and Lucasfilm have been working with Steven Tillotson on an advert for Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure. This was the result. Worth every penny of that $2,000,000…

You can pick up a copy of Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure from all good retailers and HERE

Autumn 2016 Releases Preview!

Avery Hill are proud to announce three new Autumn releases!
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Grey Area – Our Town

by Tim Bird

Launching at Bristol Comic & Zine Fair on the 1st October


The End of Summer

by Tillie Walden

A special edition of Tillie’s acclaimed 2015 book

with new cover art and brand new bonus material.

Launching at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival

on the 14th October


Untitled Ape’s Epic Adventure

by Steven Tillotson

Launching at Thought Bubble Festival on the 5th November


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Spring 2016 Releases Out Now!


A City Inside by Tillie Walden

Shifting between the everyday and the surreal, A City Inside recounts one woman’s life from childhood home, to the first love that she will never forget, to the creation of the idea of herself that she can grow old with and the home that she can grow old in.

Walden’s follow up to the lyrical I Love This Part is a poetic exploration of the process of growing older; the journey towards finding out who you are and building a life for yourself.

It is a universal story of how we don’t just come-of-age once, but many times throughout our lives.

56 black and white pages with colour covers, 165mm x 210mm.


Artificial Flowers by Rachael Smith

Siobhan has left her hometown to try to start a career as an artist in trendy East London. Thanks to the financial support of her family she’s able to assume the lifestyle of a successful artist without having ever sold a painting.

She desperately needs an exhibition but no one seems particularly interested in her work. When her little brother Chris’s anti-social tendencies resurface, he’s sent by his parents to stay with her as part attempt at rehabilitation, part banishment.

Soon the two discover a way in which they can help each other; they just need to keep it a secret from their parents, Siobhan’s girlfriend and the London art scene…

In the first ever “Smithverse” crossover, fan favourites Chris (I Am Fire) and Siobhan (House Party) unite for a graphic novella about the frustrations and rewards that come from the ways that we choose to express ourselves.

88 full colour pages, 168mm x 239mm.


Parsley Girl: Carrots by Matthew Swan 

Parsley Girl is having a tough day.

She’s just had a tooth taken out by her super weird dentist, her best friend Margiotta Moonshine might be stuck in her mundane decorating job forever, her Robot Thomas is feeling obsolete, and there’s a mysterious puppy watching her every move.

So it couldn’t be a worse time for a magical portal to open in her kitchen, allowing hordes of vegetable villains intent on vengeance to invade her village!

Join PG and her pals as they seek to save the day and themselves in Matthew Swan’s all-new Parsley Girl adventure!

36 full colour pages, 168mm x 239mm.


Reads Vol.2 #4 by Various

Reads Volume 2 #4. 4 stories, in 4 parts over 4 issues, and now in full colour!

Featuring stories from Tim Bird, Luke J. Halsall, Ricky Miller, EdieOP and Owen D. Pomery, and with an incredible cover by Eleni Kalorkoti.

It’s time for the final instalment of the latest incarnation of Avery Hill’s anthology showcase, Reads!

To kick things off is another terrifying modern fairytale from EdieOP, featuring The Night-Time Ice Cream Man… you’ll never eat ice cream after midnight again…

Next up is the last part of Miller and Bird’s exploration of the life of Alfred Hitchcock and the History of Film; this instalment focuses on his ‘British Thriller Sextet’ and leaves him on the verge of his triumphs in Hollywood.

Owen Pomery delivers the final showdown between The Megatherium Club and their scientific rival Othneil Charles Marsh. It of course involves childish swearing and nudity.

Ending this issue is Halsall & Bird’sThe Bullpen, a tale of professional betrayal featuring characters not at all based upon the three main architects of the Silver Age of comics.

All this comics goodness is wrapped up in another stunning cover by Eleni Kalorkoti; probably the greatest run of covers to grace any comics ever?! You decide!

36 full colour pages, US comic format.