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Collection of the Works of Simon Moreton Coming Soon from AHP!

Smoo Collection

Avery Hill Publishing are delighted to announce that we are working with Simon Moreton (SMOO, Grand Gestures) on a collection of his work spanning the period 2011-2012.

Andy Oliver (Broken Frontier) recently described Simon as “quite simply…one of the most important and intelligent creative voices in current U.K. small press comics.”

The collection will gather together for the very first time work from his minimal, reflective autobiographical ‘zine SMOO and other comics and stories published in hard-to-find anthologies. It will also include a new essay from Simon covering his unique approach to his work through the period.

The collection is scheduled for an April release, with more details coming soon.


- Dave

Seasons and The Festival in Broken Frontier Top 10 of 2013!

BF Post Image

I’m incredibly proud to announce that Seasons by Mike Medaglia and The Festival by Jazz Greenhill made it into the Broken Frontier top 10 small-press publications of 2013!  Congratulations to everyone else on the list as well, particularly Owen Pomery (of our very own The Megatherium Club infamy) and Simon Moreton, both of whom you’ll be seeing a lot more of around this neck of the woods in 2014!

Read the article on the Broken Frontier site HERE.

2013 really was a big year for the UK indie publishing scene and lists like this are great for shining a light on some gems that you may have missed.  With no real comics industry existing in this country, self/micro/indie publishing is a vital outlet for creators who might otherwise have been lost to the art form.  In many ways it’s what the UK has always done best (you can see it in all aspects of our culture), talented creators finding a way through despite a lack of support and interest from the mainstream.  This can only continue to happen with help from websites like Broken Frontier (champions of UK indie comics) and from the comic shops who help to promote independent British comics rather than ignoring or ghettoising them.  

There is nothing difficult or scary about any of the publications on this list, they’re just great works, lovingly made by people whose need to create is greater than the obstacles involved in getting their work out there.  Do yourself a favour and pick up any one of them today.


- Ricky

Seasons: The Movie

Here’s a little trailer for Mike Medaglia’s comic Seasons, filmed on location at the Winter Gardens at Avery Hill. You can get a copy of the wonderful comic HERE.