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Between the Billboards & the Authoring of Architecture by Owen D. Pomery

BTB Front Cover

“From the composition of his visuals it’s readily apparent that Pomery is one of those creators who fully appreciate the unique storytelling opportunities inherent in the comics page”

Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

Avery Hill are delighted to announce the release of Between the Billboards & The Authoring of Architecture, a collection of the comics work of award-winning architectural illustrator Owen D. Pomery, on the 9th May 2015.

Collecting Pomery’s acclaimed self-published series Between the Billboards for the first time, readers will be able to experience the story of existential protagonist James Ebner in a newly formatted and edited edition, as Pomery always envisaged.

BTB030And in The Authoring of Architecture, Pomery presents his comics work against the context of his practice as an architect, with a short essay and commentary accompanying the selected pieces, and a new comic framing the collection as a whole.


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A is For Amos by Daria Hlazatova

Daria Cover

Avery Hill are delighted to announce the release of A is for Amos, an illustrated musical A to Z by internationally renowned artist Daria Hlazatova, on Record Store Day, 18th April 2015.


Taking its inspiration from childhood A to Z books, A is for Amos features subjects from the world of music, all hand-picked by Daria, and re-created in her astonishingly detailed and fantastic style across twenty-six original illustrations. Bowie sits alongside Tchaikovsky. Zappa with Florence. Kate Bush with Underworld.


A is for Amos is printed in full colour, 7″ perfect bound format across 60 beautiful pages, and is essential for music fans and art lovers alike.

New Titles for 2015 – Part Two

Avery Hill are delighted to announce details of three of the new publications that we have coming out in 2015.

 BtB & AA Cover

         Between the Billboards & The Authoring of Architecture

By Owen D. Pomery

Release date: April 2015 

A graphic novel collecting the six-part series Between the Billboards, alongside a series of comics and essays on The Authoring of Architecture.  

Between the Billboards

Ebner has elected to live between two advertising boards, in a converted water tank in the centre of the city.  What follows is a simple and cautionary tale, detailing the perils of shutting yourself off from the rest of the world. The main content is of small, apparently inconsequential happenings, often dark, sometimes amusing, but all way-markers on the road Ebner has chosen to walk. 

The Authoring of Architecture

Through a series of short comics and essays, Owen explains how architectural ideas can be explored in graphic stories and the different ways they influence his work.

Swear Jar Cover

Swear Jar

By Abraham Christie

Release date: June 2015 

Swear Jar collects a series of short comics drawn between 2014 and 2015.  Occupying themselves chiefly in flirting with neurosis and mundanity, they attempt to keep a gentle humour, whilst querying the value of one’s nemesis, failed friendships, and the inconveniences of finding oneself radioactive and powerless.

Abe Christie is a cartoonist and former art student based in London. He spends his days working a dead end job where he dreams of other lives he might have lived, then attempts to live them in comic form.


Title TBD

By Isabel Greenberg

Release date: Winter 2015/16

Avery Hill are delighted to announce that we will be publishing a new comic by the superstar writer/artist of The Encyclopedia of Early Earth, Isabel Greenberg.  The story covers the early Greek Myths, focusing on the formation of the Earth, the birth of the Gods, Zeus’ battles with the giants, the creation of man, Prometheus and Pandora’s Box.  No images or further details are available at present, as the project is in its very early stages, but suffice is to say that we’re stupidly excited about it!


Other Releases Coming in 2015

READS 3 cover flat offwhite 2

Reads Vol.2 #3 (Spring) & #4 (Summer)

Metroland #3 (Spring), #4 (Summer), #5 (Autumn)



Announced Last Week

A is For Amos by Daria Hlazatova (April)

Buttertubs by Donya Todd (June)

The End of Summer by Tillie Walden (June)

The Rabbit by Rachael Smith (August)