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2017 Releases Preview!

Avery Hill are proud to announce four upcoming 2017 releases!


We’re thrilled to be working with three very exciting new creators, plus teaming up with renowned UK comics powerhouse Comic Book Slumber Party!

Comic Book Slumber Party’s Deep Space Canine
Launching 26th January 2017 at Angoulême

Goatherded by Charlo Frade
Launching May 2017

Ghosts, Etc. by George Wylesol
Launching May 2017

Something City by Ellice Weaver
Launching May 2017


We are delighted to announce we’re joining forces with comics powerhouse Comic Book Slumber Party to publish Deep Space Canine – the next instalment of their British Comic Award nominated CBSP series.

Life in space can be tough – and when you’re balancing a hydro-herb habit, mysterious intruders and an impending reunion, things get even tougher.

Luckily, Space Commander Greasy is not alone, and with the help of her best robot pal, Cybernetic Unit Normally for Troubleshooting, she (and her ship) might just get through the next 24 hours in one piece!


Beth Wood


Jenn Woodall

Edited by Hannah K. Chapman, with cover art from Katriona Chapman and contributions from Lucy Haslam, Lize Meddings, Honey Parast, Becca Tobin, Alice Urbino, Beth Wood and Jenn Woodall, Deep Space Canine explores strange new worlds, discovers wild new civilisations, and solves the age old problem – what to do when you’ve lost your best pair of knickers.

 72 pages, full colour, RRP £10.00

Free shipping to UK on all Pre-Orders available HERE


A boy. A strange planet.

The urge to step out of the boundaries and explore. To fly. To ascend.

But what happens after ascent? What happens when you land? And what happens when you find yourself in a place where your dreams are no-one’s but your own?


Charlo Frade is an illustrator and writer born in Miami, Florida. In 2014 he received the Society of Illustrators Honors Award for Illustration.

36 pages, full colour


Ghosts, Etc. is a collection of strips from illustrator and designer George Wylesol. 

His work deals with environments, his “characters” are objects or abstract shapes. He has self-published various comics and zines including The Rabbit and Worthless, which are featured in this collection along with a new comic, Ghosts.

wylesol1 wylesol2 wylesol3

George Wylesol is an illustrator/designer/writer from Philadelphia, living and working in Baltimore.

88 pages, full colour


Something City is an exploration of modern day living through representations of the lives of different groups of people in an imagined place. Segregated communities of young people, elders, fanatics, techies and the religious live side by side, interweaving and cohabiting in a city they build around themselves.

 Beautifully composed establishing pages introduce us to each group before we’re taken through a short journey inside each of their worlds.



Stunning artwork and wry, odd and moving stories come together to produce a book that is as much an inspired work of imagination as it is an examination of what is important, unique and also universal, about the cities we live in today.

76 pages, full colour

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