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The Rabbit Art Competition

The Rabbit Comp Poster RGB

Avery Hill are delighted to announce a Craig The Rabbit art competition!

Draw Craig in any of his various guises from the hit graphic novel The Rabbit by Rachael Smith and be in with the chance of winning some great prizes.

The winning entry from each category will be published on our website and the winner will receive a page of original artwork from the The Rabbit by Rachael Smith, as well as other The Rabbit related goodies!

The competition is split into two age groups, young people under the age of 18 and adults aged 18 & over.

Submit your entries as an image file (JPG, PDF or TIFF) of not more than 5mb to:

Please include your full name, age and postal address.

The winning entries will be chosen by Rachael at Thought Bubble UK on Saturday 14th November and the winners will be notified shortly afterwards.

For full Terms & Conditions of entry, please click HERE

Rabbit bookmark back

The Rabbit by Rachael Smith

The Rabbit cover high res

148 pages , full colour.

Pre-order start date: 3rd August 2015

Digital Release Date through SEQUENTIAL: 12th August 2015

Print Release Date: 28th August 2015 with a launch party/signing at Travelling Man, Manchester

Debut Convention: 5th September 2015 at International Comics Expo, Birmingham

London Launch Party/Signing: 11th September 2015 at Orbital Comics, London


Eleanor and her younger sister Kathy have run away from school, from home and from all of their troubles. They may also be running from reality itself, as they seem to have acquired a new friend in the form of a talking cartoon bunny rabbit called Craig. As Craig grows bigger and bigger, the girls soon discover exactly what kind of creature has joined them on their adventure. Running away is not as easy as it seems.

80 and 81

Rachael Smith’s follow up to the acclaimed House Party is a surreal and affecting coming-of-age tale that captures the wonder and vulnerability of youth. Both funny and sinister, familiar yet fantastical. You won’t soon forget The Rabbit.


All pre-orders before 28th August 2015 receive this special limited edition bookmark.

Rabbit bookmark front

Rabbit bookmark back

Early Praise for The Rabbit

“The comedy that Smith does so well is still there, the dialogue as always just right, but there’s a menace and sense of simmering heartbreak here as well. Smith just gets better and better and better. This is her finest yet.”

Richard Bruton, FPI Blog

“A deliciously dark, endearingly whimsical and tenderly observed tale of childhood rites of passage.”

Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

” I really felt like this was a bit of a new direction for her work and each work that she has released has really shown a growth in her craft so this is by far, the best one she has done yet and I can’t recommend it high enough.”

Pat Scattergood, The Curiosity of a Social Misfit

Reads #3 Out Now!

READS 3 cover flat offwhite 2

36 pages in US comic format, full colour

Reads #3.  4 stories, in 4 parts over 4 issues.  Now in full colour!


Tim Bird, Luke J. Halsall, Ricky Miller, EdieOP and Owen D. Pomery

 Cover by Eleni Kalorkoti

I1 - Hitch 3-1

To kick things off, ‘Hitchcock & Film’, is brought to you by Ricky Miller and  Tim Bird.  They continue their look at four different periods in the life of Alfred Hitchcock along with a whistle-stop history of the development of film during his lifetime for good measure!  This instalment covers Hitchcock’s time as a director at the start of the age of ‘The Talkies!’.

My Friend Armi Page 1

Our second strip is from EdieOP whose graphic novel Maleficium was recently published by us!  You should totally check that out.  In ‘My Friend Armi’, she tells another tale of mild horror, this time of a  creature that maybe loves it’s owner a little too mucheven by Edie’s standards, this one is pretty twisted.

Bullpen Page 1

In our third strip, Luke J. Halsall and Tim Bird’s ‘The Bullpen’ continues.  A story set in the offices of a comic book publishing company at the dawn of the Silver Age of comics; similarities to certain publishing companies where the artists used to allegedly get regularly ripped off are ENTIRELY COINCIDENTAL.  

Or else it’s all done for purposes of satire, which I think makes it legal.


Finally, we have Owen D. Pomery’s return to the characters from his hit comic, ‘The Megatherium Club’. Here is the third of his series of standalone adventures pitting the club against the same “villain”, a rival scientist who looks like he might just beat our “heroes” at their own game.