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The Megatherium Club by Owen Pomery

The Megatherium Club – Vol.1: The Great Ape
By Owen D. Pomery

28 black and white B5 pages, perfect bound and with a colour cover

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“What more noble pursuit for immortal souls? Riches? War and Butchery? Political Chicanery? Superstition? Pleasure? What we seek is the TRUTH!” – William Stimpson, Founder of the Megatherium Club

The Megatherium Club was a group of scientists who operated out of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington between 1857 and 1866.  They were that peculiar brand of gentleman scientist that can no longer exist due to the emphasis in our time on such boring trivialities as academic qualifications, sobriety and safety.  Essentially it was like  the Royal Society if its president had been Dave Bassett instead of Sir Isaac Newton.  In this volume we join our intrepid heroes during one of the darkest periods of their existence, as they set out on a quest to find evidence of the Yeti.  A quest, which if unsuccessful, may mean the end of The Megatherium Club!

Here as a special treat is the first Megatherium strip from Reads #3 in its entirety.



Owen D. Pomery is an Architectural Illustrator and producer of many well-received comics such as Benson and his magnum opus, Between the Billboards. He currently resides in South London with his girlfriend Kate and an unopened carton of Eggnog.


Another great comic from Pomery, delivering something by turns ridiculous, quaint, and very funny

Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International Blog

“With a level of absurdity that is almost painstaking in its presentation The Megatherium Clubis a comic that combines rapidly paced set pieces, wily wordplay and some wonderfully gratuitous gags. It represents not just a coup for Pomery as a creator but also a further reminder of the growing stature of Avery Hill as publishers of some of the brightest new talents on the British small press scene.”

Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

“The dialogue is laugh-out-loud funny in the best kind of way, and every page will make you laugh. “

Ari Carr, Comics and Cookies


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