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Invincible Out Now!


By Rebecca Strickson and David White
20 full colour A5 pages in a limited edition of 25

Invincible is a collection of ten unique captured images from a corrupted digital recording of the opening sequence of Werner Herzog’s 2001 film ‘Invincible’.

The corruption occurred quite by accident, and was only discovered on viewing some time after the recording took place. After the first fifteen minutes or so of the film, the corruption stopped, and returned to normal.

The result of the corruption was a kaleidoscopic glitch effect, where image bled into image, leaving ghosts from previous scenes haunting the next, and where colour bled into colour, often enhancing, sometimes diminishing.

The beauty of these corrupted images, and the fact that they never appeared in the same way on repeated viewings, established the creation of something unique and localised that we wanted to share.

Invincible collects our favourite captured images from various viewings of the corrupted opening sequence, and we present them HERE in a strictly limited edition of 25.

– Dave

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